How to use: Spray the product onto the fur, mane and tail. Wait a moment for the formula to bond with the hair cuticle, then brush. In case of tangles on mane or tail, massage the product additionally with your hands, let it dry and then gently comb starting from the ends of the hair.

Capacities available: 250 ml, 500 ml


Conditioner for coat, mane and tail. The special formula of the conditioner makes it easier to comb out tangles, conditions weakened hair and facilitates daily care. The composition of mild silicone and silk leaves a special film on the hair, which protects against drying, dust deposition and tangling, as well as softens and gives silky smoothness. The presence of vegetal corn kernel glycol perfectly moisturises the skin and hair. With regular use, hair becomes fluffy, loose and healthy looking.
92% of ingredients are of natural origin.

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