Our anatomical bridle is a modern solution for your horse, ensuring maximum comfort and safety during riding. Thanks to its specially designed occiput, full detachability of the throatlatch, and interchangeable browband, our bridle perfectly adjusts to the individual needs of the horse and rider. Additionally, the functional noseband with the Equus logo gives it an elegant look. Discover more benefits of our bridle along with the Comfort Series browbands today!


Our anatomical bridle is a true breakthrough in comfort for your horse. Designed with its well-being in mind, it offers a range of innovative features that make riding even more enjoyable and comfortable.

Anatomical Occiput:
This is a key feature of our bridle. Specially designed, the occiput conforms to the shape of the horse’s head, minimizing pressure and providing maximum comfort even during long training sessions. This solution takes care of your horse’s health and comfort at every step.

Fully Detachable Throatlatch: This is another advantage of our bridle that further enhances its functionality and ease of use.

Special Fixtures and Buckles: These features make our bridle stand out from others. Thanks to unique fixtures and buckles, changing the bit and adjusting the bridle become quick and easy, allowing for rapid adaptation to the different needs of the rider and horse.

Interchangeable Browband: This is another feature of our bridle that allows you to customize it to your style and preferences. This means you can easily change the look and functionality of your equipment, adapting it to different situations.

Functional Noseband with Embossed Equus Logo:
Gives our bridle an elegant and unique look, distinguishing it from other horse accessories.

Discover more advantages of our bridle and provide your horse with maximum comfort with our Comfort Series. Take care of its well-being and safety today!

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