Method of use: Spray the product onto the coat, mane and tail. Wait a moment for the formula to bond with the hair cuticle, then brush. For better results, use a coat polishing glove.

500 ml


Gloss conditioner for coat, mane and tail. Specially formulated conditioner provides an immediate effect that lasts up to 2 weeks. The spray significantly reduces cleaning time and guarantees that the mane and tail can be combed without any effort. The delicate fragrance composition perfectly eliminates the unpleasant smell of ammonia. Contains aloe vera leaf juice to provide the optimum moisture balance for skin and coat. After using the product, the coat is in showroom condition, shines beautifully and is easy to comb. Added vegan keratin creates a protective shield around the hair shaft, leaving it flexible, soft and shiny. For everyday use and for competitions. Vegan formula.