The Mexican bridle Monaco is an innovative solution for your horse, combining comfort with functionality. With an anatomical occiput and interchangeable browband, this bridle adjusts to the individual needs of each horse, ensuring maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Thanks to the full detachability of the throatlatch and special attachments, its use is exceptionally easy and practical. Additionally, the elegant design with the embossed Equus logo gives it a unique character. Discover the unparalleled quality of the Mexican Monaco bridle and give your horse the best riding experience.


For his well-being, our bridle offers a range of innovative features that will make riding even more enjoyable and comfortable.

Anatomical Occiput: Specially designed to fit the shape of the horse’s head, it minimizes pressure and provides maximum comfort even during long training sessions. This is a solution that cares for the health and comfort of your horse at every step.
Fully Detachable Throatlatch: Our bridle comes with a fully detachable throatlatch, giving you the flexibility to use it with or without security, adjusting to your horse’s preferences and needs.
Special Fixtures and Buckles: Thanks to unique fixtures and buckles, changing the bit and adjusting the bridle becomes quick and easy, allowing for rapid adaptation to different needs. This is a solution that saves time and ensures full functionality.
Interchangeable Browband: Our bridle is equipped with an interchangeable browband, allowing you to customize the bridle to your style and preferences. This lets you easily change the look and functionality of your equipment, adapting it to various situations.
Functional Noseband with Embossed Equus Logo: The additional noseband not only serves a practical function but also gives the bridle an elegant and unique appearance. The embossed Equus logo guarantees quality and style that sets your equipment apart from the rest.
Detachable Fur Padding on Velcro Under the Noseband: Extra comfort is provided by the fur padding on velcro, which can be easily detached and cleaned, ensuring hygiene and freshness even after intensive use.
Discover the unparalleled quality and comfort of our Comfort Series Browband, which perfectly complements the Mexican Monaco bridle, creating a reliable combination for you and your horse.

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