Made of high-quality rubber, they guarantee excellent grip even in the most demanding conditions. Their non-slip properties provide a firm grip in the hand, while additional carabiners facilitate quick and hassle-free fastening.

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Our reins made from high-quality rubber are an indispensable piece of equipment for every rider seeking not only durability but also excellent grip even in the most challenging conditions. Providing a secure hold in the hand thanks to their anti-slip properties, these reins are an essential part of the equipment.

Designed with comfort and convenience in mind, the anti-slip properties ensure that even in difficult weather conditions or intense training sessions, the user can enjoy a stable grip, allowing for precise control over the horse.

Additionally, convenient carabiners allow for quick and hassle-free attachment, speeding up the preparation process for riding and providing greater flexibility in adjusting the equipment to the individual needs of the rider.

Discover our wide range of accessories for horses, including the Mexican Monaco bridle and the anatomical leather bridle Melisa, which perfectly complement our reins, creating comprehensive and high-quality equipment for you and your horse. Take care of your horse’s safety and comfort today!